The fusion of classic and modern

The Space

Flamma is in the heart of Puente Romano, one of Marbella's most exclusive resorts. The restaurant is over two floors with large terraces and a garden. Our wine cellar is home to the largest collection of Spanish Wines in the world.

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A Flamma Exclusive

Robata Grill

Robata grills can be found in the best restaurants in the world where the style of cooking is over hot charcoals on a wide and flat open fireplace. Meat, seafood and vegetables can be cooked on the robata grill but it is a fine art, since these grills are very hot and the temperature cannot be adjusted. Robata chefs are highly skilled at keeping food on the grill for exactly the right amount of time, or adjusting the height of the food so the taste is typically succulent inside with a crisp, smoked exterior.

Our food philosophy

Meet the Chef

Born in Jaen, Chef Juan Pedro Valera unites his passion for local produce and the inspiration from the trends and styles of London to bring forward his vision of the Modern Mediterranean cuisine to FLAMMA